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I ever played xbox360 games and PS3 games.Though Xbox360 has many good games and internet games, I would rather buy PS3 not Xbox360 .Because PS3 have better hardwares quality than xbox360. Many gaming fans knows Xbox360 has a very big problems known as "Curse of 3 red lights". When you get 3 red lights on your xbox360, you have to send your xbox360 to repair and then await more than 2 months for returning of your xbox360. I don't like that. I would rather buy PS3 which has less noise and better quality, and i don't have to worry about the happening of "Curse of 3 red lights". Though , I have no games on ps3, I still can download free unfinished games from PS store and i feel satisfied with my ps3. Maybe ps3 will be another Dreamcast, but I don't care about that. Dreamcast had many good games,and I believes PS3 will have good games, too.