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KylieDog said:

WRONG, wrong, wrong again.

Matchmaking servers on games - Nothing to do with XBL.  This is all on the devs, XBL fee does not go towards this.

Cable/sattellite etc - Several different tiers of packages where you only pay for what you want, do not like sports?  Do not pay for spots channels etc.
PSN Plus - This is an example of a different tier, PSN is free for to access all services which I already pay for, PSN+ does not grant me access to things it does not provide.
Lovefilm (UK version netflix) - This offers individual steaming options where you only pay for exactly what you want if you so chose. do not pay taxes for things you have no involvement with at all.  If you mean 'services' like fire department...they are on standby covering you 24/7 even if you never need them you are always using them.

So no, none of this compares to paying Activision money as part of XBL when I have nothing to do with Activision.  Or paying to use my own services once again.

Nearly all the major differences between XBL SIlver and Gold boils down to Gold just lets you use things you already paying for.  There is very little it actually adds.  If anything MS should offer a small one off fee to ugrade to access and nothing more.

Wrong, matchmaking on games has everything to do with XBL.

Wrong, you still pay for crap you don't want. Unless you can pay for individual channels you want, your argument is flawed.

Wrong, my point about PSN Plus was subscription fees go to paying for items not everyone wants or some already own. This is no different than a peice of Live subscriptions going to Activision, regardless if you're a CoD fan.

"Gold just lets you use things you already paying for."  No, Gold allows you to use all online services. Some of which is exclusive to the 360 (i.e. playing exclusive games). If people simply want to use Live for services that are free elsewhere, then I high suggest they cancel and look elsewhere. Not piss and moan about the fee.

"If anything MS should offer a small one off fee to ugrade to access and nothing more." No, if anything you should stop being so damn concerned about the fee. Its not forced on you so move on.

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