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This was my first prediction here:

I'm basing that on that next gen will sell a total of around 300 million consoles (give or take 30m units ^^), and with that numbers Nintendo CAN'T sell anything less than 40m, since that would be about 10% of the market (13.3% to be more precise I think - I've never been good with math) - and they haven't seen that bad numbers since the GC days... I think N64 had around 20% market share??

The speculation of 300 million consoles sold is based on the fact that since the SNES days (or the 4th console generation) and additional 50 m consoles has been sold for each generation:

4th: ~100m consoles sold


6th: ~200m

7th: are heading towards ~250m consoles sold.

Therefore I assume the next gen will sell about 300m, and Nintendo should at the very least get 10% of the market share.

EDIT: That's of course if nothing drastic change, like iPads getting used like console, rendering them obsolite...

From the Anyone else feels that Nintendo has next gen locked up?-thread started by sethnintendo...

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