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RolStoppable said:
happydolphin said:

@bold. Keep dreaming. By now it should be clear that analysts have their biases (Pachter is just one example). Some constantly praise a company and bash another. Have you never noticed analysts constantly bash Nintendo? The reason is, they don't believe in the company, so yes, in fact it's a form of trolling, they will never or very rarely ever give them the benefit of the doubt, good luck proving me the contrary, for the only exception of Sebastian Kramer, the best official analyst in the industry. Other than him, we're the best, then it's the other official ones cause we could do a much better job then they. Don't kid yourself.


*rolls eyes*

On topic: Looks like analysts aren't even trying to hide their bias anymore.

Also, I don't recall Nintendo ever getting credit for driving growth. Back during the heydays of the Wii and DS it was always the industry as a whole that grew.

*rolls eyes* You think you're one step ahead, always one step behind.

Edit: Or I must be many steps behind, because I still don't get that you're just playin'. And to be honest with you, your pal Sebastian Kramer is the best analyst out there. You, me, the people at vgchartz do a much better job at analysis than most paid professionals out there. We can always do better, but we are good at what we do, it's our hobby!

I'm going to scratch all the above out because it's just a mess. Nevermind Rol.

I just want to get along...

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