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chocoloco said:
happydolphin said:

@bold. Keep dreaming. By now it should be clear that analysts have their biases (Pachter is just one example). Some constantly praise a company and bash another. Have you never noticed analysts constantly bash Nintendo? The reason is, they don't believe in the company, so yes, in fact it's a form of trolling, they will never or very rarely ever give them the benefit of the doubt, good luck proving me the contrary, for the only exception of Sebastian Kramer, the best official analyst in the industry. Other than him, we're the best, then it's the other official ones cause we could do a much better job then they. Don't kid yourself.

@apple. I never said Apple had nothing to do with Nintendo and yes, long-term, they, Microsoft and Google are most likely their biggest competitors. But the situation he's describing, that Wii is losing customers to Apple in an irreversible kind of way, it's just so biased it hurts my eyes, no joke.

1) The response is parinoid.

2) He is not biased he is motivated by making money, period, and making other people the most money possible.

@bold. It's not working. Their predictions are shit.


Analyst: Revolution Nintendo’s Last Console


NOV 21, 2005 10:40 AM

Buried in a Red Herring article about Microsoft's Xbox 360 launching the console wars, is a quote from UBS analyst Michael Wallace. The quote reads: "Nintendo's Revolution will be its last console, it's a two-horse race right now." Talk about premature. I guess I was under the impression that Nintendo was still, uh, a profitable company.

Pachter In 2005:

(Props to SNESboy)


The end result:

Whatever they're doing, it isn't working.