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Recently saw:

John Carter - I enjoyed it for the most part but the movie dragged on a bit. I feel as though it could have been much better. Anyways i still liked it :)

Wrath of the titans - Hmmm pretty much the same as the last one, but if you go and watch this movie you know what type of movie it will be and you shouldnt expect anything more(or less!). Great visuals and effects! Some nice action scenes too. Did anyone else feel like they kinda ripped off GOW3 here? I would say that the story and the movie in general is a bit worse than the first one (which i thought genuinely had a better storyline and told the story much better as well).

The lorax - nice movie, nice use of 3D too. I wouldnt say it was a animated classic like kung fuu panda 1 and despicable me, but never the less its a good movie that has a message behind it. The movie is short if you end up not liking it then it will be done before you know it.

Its been a dry two months for movies real standouts for me. I was hoping The hunger games would of been released here in SA before the easter weekend but alas its only releasing next week friday

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