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Lostplanet22 said:
The grave of fireflies is an must see but can be very shocking ..

Also finally saw the smurfs and Tintin.. Didn't enjoyed the first one except for the opening when you see the village but for the rest if felt like a child movie. Tintin I enjoyed even when it felt different than the comic/cartoon and I really look forward to the next one.

Btw one that is an must see aswell is 'My name is Khan' =p. It is my number 1 movie of all time because the movie is so well made. Their are not that many movies where I laugh, smile, be sad, be getting angry, make me cry and made feel like a different person after watching it =p. Just recommending it because their are so many who never have heard of it so yeah check it out (great family/gf/bf movie)..

Check the trailer if you have no clue what I am talking about:

Thanks for the tip. I finally caved in and signed up for Netflix and am about to watch this. $39 is a bit steep for the dvd release. $7 for a 48 hour rental on Zune, might as well try out Netflix.
I miss the days of Blockbuster in Canada, they had an excellent documentary and international movie section with full week rentals for $4 each. Now I have to keep a close eye on my monthly download limit and search through 4 online services hoping 1 of them has it, so much more convenient....

I recently watched Up in the air on Showtime HD. Never heard of it before and it was a pleasant surprise. Great acting. That channel has some good movies occasionally, The book of Eli was a nice surprise too. If there ever would be a Fallout 3 the movie, that would be it.
It has utter crap too unfortunately. Recently there was Stonehenge apocalypse, so bad it became funny.