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spurgeonryan said:
Marks said:
Recently I've seen Hunger Games and 21 Jump Street.

Hunger Games was shit, I give it like a 3/10.

But 21 Jump Street was great, really funny. Definitely an 8.5-9/10

I have heard great things about both movies.

What would you say went wrong with Hunger games in your opinion? Not enough action, or was too far away from the books for your liking?


Tatum really is proving to be the next big star! Same goes for his buddy, but since I cannot remember his name at this moment he must wait a little while longer.

Hunger Games was a great concept I thought, reminds me of "The Condemned" with Stone Cold Steve Austin. For me the problem was lack of backstory and also lack of action/violence. I think for that concept to work it had to be more violent. You can't have a movie basically about a battle to the death, but for a teen audience with not much violence. 

I can't comment on how it was compared to the books, haven't read them.

And I agree with you, Tatum was awesome in 21 jump street! Jonah Hill is the other guy in it, and I agree he's great too.