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theprof00 said:
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theprof00 said:
I'd have to disagree. I email Sony all the time and I have to say they go way out of their way to satisfy me.

It's just you.

Really? Because it was a friend of mine who told me I should start emailing them because he does it regularly too.

I'm not sure what he says, but he's gotten them to refund games and he's gotten them to fix things out of warranty. I've not had anything that spectacular, but I've definitely gotten insider deals that they don't give to the public at large. For example, the hack that occurred, and the welcome back program? My ps3 was broken at the time and I couldn't get the games. I emailed them several times and eventually got some psn credit to use, after the program had ended.

I've also gotten content for free from Gabe Newell.

I'll be honest, I've only ever had one reason to contact Sony London and I'll tell ya, the lady on the line had no clue what I was talking about. I called up to enquire about Firstplay and the lady had never heard of it, which is funny because she works on the store and at the time Firstplay was one of the store's most popular items,

I have no idea what you're talking about. She works "on the store"? What does that mean? She manages the playstation store on PSN? Or she works in a Sony Style store? What kinds of questions did you have?

Oh sorry, I meant she works at the Store section of the Playstation helpline, she handles things relating to the PSNstore. The fact that she didn't know what at the time was at the forefront of the PSN offering was embarassing.

Maybe all she really knows about is how purchases work, how to enter information, etc etc etc, but not actual details about specific content. Sometimes people just aren't informed about what's on there, or things about what they're selling.

If you had sent an email to Cammie Dunaway of Nintendo a few years ago and asked her which button was jump, she probably couldn't tell you that either.

I'd say you wanted to talk to someone about first party software, not the store.

I dunno, it's a reasonable criticism.

Firstplay for those not in the know was the UK's answer to Qore but much better (:D)

You could subscribe to it like Qore and so on- long story short, there was an issue that caused people who subscribed to get accidentally charged extra by mistake and you had to call up to get it fixed

My point is, I didn't expect her to know every single item on the store but I'd at least expect her to know about the things people subscribe to

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