Though I can't say PlayStation has good customer service it has been a target for people and judging by how many people complain about things that can't be done, like cross chat, and unpopular things that needed to be done like the removal of the other OS, I could see large dissatisfaction. The only way to really tell is to analyze the complaints that were made to determine relevancy. It's also hard to determine much of this when Microsoft includes more than just Xbox. Nintendo barely received any so it's no surprise they were able to handle addressing them. It does not look good on Sony, but this data can't determine overall consumer relations. Good for nintendo though keeping their nose down.

Oh and as for your post title...really? This isn't what determines how a company "takes care" of it's consumers. It's just one aspect. Personally on the gamer side I believe PlayStation has more offerings than the others; more events, giveaways, better community presence on Facebook/twitter and of course playstation blog. Xbox might let you build your own community more effectively between gamers, especially with cross chat, but PlayStation has a greater official community.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(