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WoW on a console?! lol!

to all of you who said that the tablet will make the gameplay possible... have you all played wow? How will you be able to fit the thousands of abilities/spells on that screen + all the bags/inventory + how will you manage the targeting system + gl on all of you who will have to move the camera with a joystiq instead of a mouse in PvP, and healers I wish you luck healing your raid... how will you be able to target your heals? Put the raid/party UI on the touchscreen? If you do that where will you put the thousands of abilities you will need to use... SO MANY flaws in gameplay it would be impossible. And even IF they manage to make it work I SERIOUSLY doubt the gameplay could be as good as on PC + the fact that you probably wont be able to use mod doesn't make it worth it. I see this MAYBE slightly possible to make it work in PvE (but still wouldnt possibly work in hardcore endgame PvE) but I see no way to make the gameplay work for pvp in a way that those who play it on WiiU are not at a HUGE disadvantage against those playing it on PC unless they do WiiU only servers.

+ like some ppl before me mentioned, the game takes like 10gb or more of memory.


Edit: + lol at chatting... how the hell are you going to chat with other ppl? use the touchscreen as a keyboard? that would mean that you would have to interupt the gameplay everytime you wanna talk to someone, just hope that your squishy mage wont get ganked by a rogue or a hunter while you have your entire gameplay enterface gone because your whyspering someone. another huge disadvantage to those playing on wiiu.


Only possible option is if the WiiU allow us to connect a keyboard/mouse, drop the table controler and connect a keyboard and a mouse to the WiiU and play it like it was on PC. Only possible way for game play but still would feel awkward for me to play this on my TV with a mouse/keyboard and the lack of mods wouldnt still make it worth it and the huge size of the game file still makes it unlikely to happen.

I am not going to argue with most of your post because most of it is right.  However, how big do you think the spell icons have to be in order to click on it?  I can imagine you can fit at least 20-30 small icons on the Wii U Controller screen.  I played WoW up to LK (had a lvl 80 hunter (main), 80 warrior, and ton of alts.   You don't use over 10-20 different spells so your entire point of using a shitload of spells is a little mute.  Also, don't mages use more spells / actions than most characters.  As a Hunter I could easily get by with not even downloading a mod for my action keys or even bother making macros.  I only used about 10 different actions.

One more thing... They made a Starcraft 64 and that played semi decently (from what I heard).  No one can even say the N64 controller is even remotely close to the keyboard and mouse for RTS.  If you ask me RTS would be harder to make it "work" on home consoles than a MMO.  While it is right to focus a lot on end game abilities, I believe you are giving WoW too much credit for it's "complex" controls.  If anything Blizzard has made WoW "dumb" enough to easily port it to consoles.

It rly depends on the player, me for example I had alot of macros. Lets take polymorph, I had polymorph target, and one other icon for polymorph focus target, same thing with counter spell and deep freeze. And as a mage we do use alot of our spells atleast in pvp, I'd say I used around 10 to 15abilities frequently and some less frequently, but thats excluding potions/bandages/mana gems/mounts and for me tailoring nets but lets say you if are a engineer, you have alot of items that you wish you could use quickly. Same thing for healers, alot of healers have 2 versions of some of theyr heals they are usualy using, ''heal target'' and ''heal tank'', other macro I'm using are /focus target, or /assist target and I know I had others but I will spare you lol. So I'd say I would need around 25to30 icons.

And its not that I give to much credit to wow. wow is so simple that its becoming a crappy casual game, but endgame arenas and pve are still quite complex, and yes maybe you are right and that they could find a way to make it work, but even if they do Its imposible that it would work as well as on PC, therefore puting WiiU players at a disadvantage. And theyr is soooo many things that when you think about it would never work not because its complex but because the game is made to be played with a mouse and a keyboard. For example how would you place AoE spells like Blizzard or rain of fire or mage's water elemental's freeze on the ground w/o a mouse? With the second analogue? could work but wouldnt be as fast/responsive. Same thing with moving the camera with a analogue instead of a mouse. How would you chat with other players? By turning the touchscreen into a keyboard? could also work but if they do that would it mean that all icons would dissapear while you are chatting or would they just be minimized? And for targeting, I guess they could put a button for targets like the tab key on pc, but lets say your in a bg, its 10v10 and you see a enemy healer in the back casting a heal, how will I be able to quickly target him and use counterspell if I dont have a mouse to click on him? Also how would we be able to click on a vendor, NPC or other players to open trade? Or for heals, if you need to heal someone in your party/raid, how will you quickly target the member in you 25men raid that is in critical need of a heal? Best option is to put your raid UI in the touchscreen but we alrdy agreed that abilities and chatt should both be on the touchsreen, I dont think its possible to fit so many things in that screen but lets say they find a way to fit abilities and raid UI on that screen, that would mean that a healer would need to almost all the time have theyr eyes off the TV screen to look at the raid's hp meaning it would be extremely hard to see if theyr is something coming at him or if hes standing on fire.

None of these things are complex but they are clearly built for PC, theyr still alot more things that wouldnt work or be awkward and I'm not saying that Activision/Blizzard wouldnt be able to find a way for none of these things, I'm saying they wouldnt be able to find a way for ALL of these things while making it not awkward and w/o putting the WiiU players at a desadvangage. You can always find a answer to problem #1 and problem #2, but at some point I dont you can have any options left for problem #4,9 or 18.

I agree with everyone said that the WiiU would be great for MMOs, but they will have to be MMOs built for the WiiU or atleast being built with the consideration that it would be ported for WiiU, not nothing built 5year ago strictly for PC.


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