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Xxain said:

Pleeeease, This is average compared to CAPCOM.

No. Not really. This is a new low. You can't sell a game in Japan and split it in half for Europe, making us pay 120 $ (that would be 90 €) for what is really one game.

You can either sell it in two parts in Japan and in Europe, or sell it in one part in Japan and in Europe, or sell it at full price in Japan and at budget price in Europe, splitting it in two.

You can't do what they're doing. Capcom has not gone so low. Not yet.


VicViper said:

It's actually good, they're cutting the suffering of buyers in half as the Wii game sucked balls! That takes a very noble heart, Namco!

lol what? It's easily the best One Piece game ever (not including Kaizoku Musou, because I don't know it enough to talk about it).

It's a 10/10 for a One Piece fan. Non fans should not bother. Just like every anime/manga game.


WIzarDE said:
I believe they can still sink a little bit lower.

Yeah! They can! They just have to release the game in USA... in four parts... each at full price!!!!! LOL