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HappySqurriel said:
Slimebeast said:
You are unfair towards Patcher. Can you even find one person who in mid 2005 thought Nintendo Revolution would end up number one?

It's not about predicting the Wii would be number 1, it is about repeatedly predicting poor performance for the market leading console in the face of evidence to the contrary. After E3 2006, when people were waiting 8 hours to try the Wii and every news site was getting hammered on their Wii news, most analysts still predicted the PS3 to have better sales than the Wii; and many of them, including Pachter, should have been fired for being incompetent long ago.

Well I was mainly commenting the quote in the OP which was from Summer 2005 when not even the X360 hadn't been released yet.

Right after E3 2006 if Patcher predicted similar numbers I think it's still understandable and forgivable but if he still said PS3 would come on top after seing the first Christmas sales of Wii and PS3 then that's a different story, but in that case I would like to see that quote posted.