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RolStoppable said:
Panama said:

That's the thing though, with the GC and N64 doing only well enough to ensure that there definitely was enough demand for another console, it would have been a gamble to argue otherwise for the Wii. It's like an upset win during the footy. Bookies will always stick purely to statistics, past matchup history, comparing team sheets etc and of course there's a degree of popularity, which in Nintendo's instance was usually ascribed to their handheld market and not so much their consoles post SNES. There are always arbitrary variables that can never be predicted. In this instance it was the consumer.

That isn't to say the man is always right, Pachter says some really stupid shit sometimes.

Yes, if you exclude historical data (which analysts usually do), predicting Wii success would have been a huge gamble. But by including all video game history, it would have made perfect sense.

There was someone who predicted Wii success and PS3 doom right after E3 2006 and for all the right reasons as it would turn out, but unfortunately the website that hosted these articles doesn't exist anymore and the articles haven't been uploaded again since then. The same person also predicted the 3DS catastrophe half a year before the 3DS's launch while Pachter was insisting that Nintendo should sell the device for $300.

Well, neither were really true - about the 3DS. The 300 dollars and the catastrophe. More or less the 3DS was priced to high, and the problem was soon fixed and it ended up breaking records. The same thing happened with the iPhone.

Now PSPita on the otherhand.... =P

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