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spurgeonryan said:
Roma said:
i really hope so! as i want to buy this on WiiU instead of 360

I have been stubborn. Unless one of my friends have had the game or my kids get the game for Christmas or something I do not play other systems games. Except for when I was in Afghanistan I played a lot of 360 and PS3. So when any of these types of games come to a Nintendo Console, and they are actually decent games instead of rail shooters or something I am all over them!


This will make me happy, along with the rest of the game rumored to be coming to the Wii U.


I’ll be really happy if I don’t have to buy another system besides WiiU next gen. I mean there aren’t any 1st party games on the other two systems that will make me buy them.

don't forget Aliens CM! that looks awesome!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(