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lestatdark said:

I believe you can breed Pikachu with a Light Ball and get a Pichu with Volt Tackle and carry it to Raichu. That would at least give your Raichu some good Sweepr power with proper IVs and EVs on Att and Speed. 

Yeah Kingdra is second gen, he was Cathy's best pokemon (bastard could nuke you with Dragon Pulse and Hydro Pump before you could say FUU). He's got good balanced stats (95 base on almost everything, 85 on speed and 75 on HP) and he's an overall damage soaker with the proper moveset. Using Yawn + Outrage is a nice way to infuriate anyone

I already did that, but because my Pichu evolved late, I missed out on a lot of great moves. Also, when I give my Pikachu a thunder stone, its stats are nowhere near as good as my current Raichu for some reason, I've given up on Volt Tackle, I'll just keep using Thunderbolt. xD

I might use Kingdra in my 2nd gen team (I'm having teams from different gens).