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RoskiGBCND said:
I'd love for the Blue Jays to win but it isn't going to happen.

Probably not, but you guys are quietly building a pretty solid team over there. If you weren't lumped into the utterly-vicious AL East, you'd be good contenders for the playoffs.

But since you are in the AL West, you're probably doomed to fourth place. :-/

spurgeonryan said:

I am from Washington, but my enemies are the Angels, so I can deal with your Oakland doing well....just not too well.

I assume you mean the state and not DC. If so, I look forward to the death duel between our teams for last place! A month ago, I would've bet on us taking it handily with around 60 wins, but now I think we could edge you out by about three or four...

Neither of us is coming close to the Rangers or Angels though (those bastards!).