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I'll predict the National League Central standings:

1) Cincinnati- They have good pitching and Joey Votto is a heck of a player.
2) St. Louis- They lost one of the best players in baseball and quite possibly the best manager in baseball. They'll still contend, but that's quite a blow.
3) Milwaukee- Fielder is gone. The Aramis Ramirez pick up will help a little, but he normally doesn't start hitting until the 2nd half. They will put on a fierce push in the 2nd half and come up short.
4) Pittsburgh- Yeah, they've improved, but the end of last year proved that they are still the Pirates.
5) Chicago- The Cubs got even weaker this off season as I said above. There's no hope for the team this year.
6) Houston- The worst team in baseball. 'Nuff said.

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