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RolStoppable said:
amp316 said:
RolStoppable said:
Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers for Wii. It is fantastic, I can't recommend it often enough.

I've thought about buying that game and have heard that it actually is enjoyable by more than one person. 

Not sure if you're serious though...

I am serious. This game has about the same production values as other Wii third party games, but its publisher actually priced it accordingly at €30 right from the start. I got it for €5, so by now you should be able to get it for a similar price in the states as well.

The game might seem like a wagglefest at first, but once you've worked up your way to Violent difficulty, the entire thing changes. Not knowing how to play the game suddenly gets brutally punished, because the enemy count multiplies as well as all their health.

The game is really short (first playthrough won't take longer than two hours, subsequent ones less than one) and it's always the same, but the trash factor makes up for it. This is one of those games that are so bad that they are actually good, if you know what I mean. There's even a review by Classic Game Room:

Violent Mode, to give you a taste of what awaits you (awesome music):

I like what I see.  It's trashy in a good way.  How does the game control?

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