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binary solo said:
Rath said:

Pairing up with RIM would be a ridiculously bad idea. Not only are the demographics all wrong (pretty much the only people with Blackberry phones are business people now) but RIM is a company that is heading down a very steep slope towards oblivion.

Only if Ninty was stupid enough to model and market their nintyphone as a BlackberryDS. They should simply licence the Blackberry OS for their phone, but otherwise market nand design it as a purely Ninty device. RIM is merely the provider of the phone and app OS. It's just that they don't really want to go Android which is where Sony lives in the mobile gaming (Playstation certified) space, they can't go WP8 (well they possibly could, but they're hardly going to put MS exclusive franchises on their machines and no doubt MS would insist as part of giving them WP8 for "free"). And Hell will freeze over before Apple lets them use iOS. Simbian IS dead. As is the HP mobile OS. That leaves them with RIM's OS. It's really only Blackberry devices that are unappealing to the mass market. Having a Nintyphone gives RIM OS a phone with a huge mass market potential, while RIM can concentrate its own devices in the corporate niche.

Android for a Nintyphone is a possibility as a neutral OS, and Ninty could go head to head with Sony within that ecosystem.  But really RIM's OS is plenty good enough, with enough cred for quality, if not marketshare, and long established that it would be a fine and well performing OS on a Nintyphone.  A lot of non-gaming multiplatform App developers would put their apps on the RIM OS simply because a Nintyphone would sell very well in Japan and other Asian markets.

And the operating system is pretty much the weakest point on RIM, Ninty would be far better off developing their own OS or using Android despite it also having Sony. Of course I'm actually not a huge fan of the idea of a DSPhone anyway.