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pitzy272 said:
I like Pachter, whether he's predicting against or for Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. I always find people that say he's an idiot when he talks about the market/economy quite interesting. However, the worst part is all the people who get so fired up about his predictions. Who cares? Really. Is it really such a big deal that every single time people blow up like he slandered your mother? I thought the freak-out-over-Pachter's-comments thing would've died out a long time ago.

Much love Pach!

Too be fair he has been more wrong than right forever. A broken clock is right at least two times a day, but damn! Has he been right, I will say that i find the meltdowns hilarious. A part of me doesnt want him to stop.

OT: I dont get his obsession with WII HD, if he thought that that would have allowed 3rd party games to be ported over. Then he is crazy, anyone who thinks that is crazy and really has no idea the power difference between Wii and the PS360s. We just would have had Wii games in 720ps instead of 420, sure it would have looked better, but still not as good as the other consoles