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Joelcool7 said:
Michael Pachter cannot be this stupid. I have recently decided he is not a moron he can't be. Fact is Michael has something against Nintendo I do not know why. I could guess he takes bribes I could guess they didn't give him info he wanted. I don't know what Nintendo did to him or didn't do.

But his predictions show he is highly biased and he is purposely misleading investors. The question is why?

Calling those who disagree with him uneducated is hilarious. Ya ya Pachter we all know you have a great education and we do not for the most part. But when your predictions and logic lack common sense education does not matter.

The one thing I agree with is Microsoft is best set for a new generation. The American economies collapse gives them a huge advantage. Microsoft can begin shifting more manufacturing in the US take advantage of Obama and the US governments efforts to give American companies an edge. So Microsoft can make their systems cheaper and they will get tons of help selling it in the US. While the rising yen will make it more and more difficult for Japanese game companies to compete. Japanese systems will become more expensive as time goes on while Microsoft will be able to keep costs lower. The US being the largest market Microsoft will have a massive advantage.

But Pachter seems to be thinking highly optimistically. He has talked about how companies would be foolish to launch their hardware in the current economic conditions globally. lol either Mr.Pachter knows something our Governments don't or he's out of his mind.

Bank of Canada has stated America will never recover financially and the global economy is never going to be the same. Most Governments have forecast the global economy worsening over the next while. While many are even more pessimistic suggesting that the global economy will only continue to collapse over the next 50 years.

Mr.Pachter should a company wait for the economy to improve when almost every government is saying the global economy will never be the same. Or is it bright to get your hardware on the market as fast as possible? If companies can get enough hardware out as the economy worsens they can make money on software.

I would say less graphical power is smart as well. As finances get worse and worse developers will take fewer risks and spend less.

By the way yes Pachter did say Nintendo should launch WiiHD. Pachter is a social digital whore. He is promoting the industry in a major way sometimes logically other times not.

If Nintendo launches at 399$ with sufficient software and a large enough ad campaign it will be a success. 3DS will continue to sell well for another year assuming no major economic collapse occurs prior to Christmas 2012. 2012 is likely the latest any of the three should launch. 2013 is pushing it as resources globally run out as the economy shifts drastically entertainment products like games will struggle to maintain growth.

Of course the entertainment industry has often been sheltered. People would get rid of a lot but entertainment is extremely important. But this is why piracy is so important. As people begin to struggle it is now easier then ever to simply steal the entertainment. In our past economic crisis you couldn't just steal your movies and games.

Nintendo is the second best positioned to launch next generation! Nintendo will succeed this generation though I still think Nintendo will take a loss initially on WiiU and it might not meet Wii's initial sales. However I have a lot of faith that in the long run Nintendo will be better off then they were during the GameCube generation and between it an the last generation.

Michael Pachter works as an analyst for Wedbush Morgan Securities. With how often his "anaysis" is wrong, and the fact that Wedbush Morgan Securities hasn't fired him due to incompetence, it can be safely assumed that he is saying what he is saying because it suits the needs of Wedbush Morgan Securities. While it is unlikely that he is part of a traditional Short and Distort scam, what he is involved in may not be substantially different ...