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Wii U can still, potentially, adress a big part of it`s install base on the casual side and those core gamers who ended up going MS or Sony because Wii just didn`t cut it for them.
Why shouldn`t they come back? As long as Nintendo offers what they want why shouldn`t they give it a chance?

One thing that will stand out the transition of this generation to the next, at least regarding Wii U, is that we won`t see cheap last generation consoles VS expensive (when compared) new generation consoles. Prices have remained high for so long, that the difference in price won`t be as great as it used to be and that may, with the help of backwards compatibility, ease the transition to Wii U.

Wii U not only has a "tablet" like controller to appeal to those who like that type of gaming, but they also have your regular controller, with all the buttons and a screen to appeal to the core and hardcore gamers. How will that not do wonders for Nintendo?

Saying the Wii U is in trouble makes no sense.