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I rly hope it wont end up being nothing like the last one. Last one was pretty boring but since it was only broadcasted in japanese I guess it was only aimed at japs. The fact that NoA and NoE will also be broadcasting it makes me think that this could be something worth paying attention, I just hope im not getting my hopes up for nothing.

When Nintendo said that they will be releasing Wii U news all year long, I called bs on it and was (and still am) convinced that we wont hear anything of importance before E3. But hopefully since this is a conference broadcasted via the internet by nintendo maybe we will see some new things related to online. But again i think it will be something rly small, I dont expect to see any new Wiiu games, MAYBE some footage of Pikmin 3 only because its the only 1st party game other than super mario that have been confirmed by nintendo. But I still doubt it.

I expect some release dates for some 3ds games (animal crossing, luigi's mansion, paper mario) and maybe 1 or 2 new games for 3ds. With the Vita launching they may also take the chance to promote MGS and maybe even RE:R. Sadly I expect nothing more but I RLY hope i'm wrong :P


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