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Most Christians are pro life they believe in the sanctity of life that God gives and takes away. Weather one believes in God or random chance by goo to you by way of the zoo is irrelivant.
When the president can pass a law that says a minor can get an abortion with out parental consent yet if the procedure has problem and additional care is needed the parents are responsible for it. I dont think my children should make a decision like that on thier own but we home school our 3 kids and my 18 year old daughter has never been on a date! She's focused on her job and school I preach stay in school get your degree and get a job with benefits retirement healthcare ect. You cant have a family with one income in this day and age. I try to make them see how the dollar works and what it takes to have things and survive getting pregnant working fulltime is hard you really need to be prepared. Abstain