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Helios said:
elprincipe said:
Helios said:
Is there any value in human life? No. Thus, there is nothing wrong with "murdering" a fetus.

Does that make it right to kill a man? Well, no, but it doesn't make it wrong either. One could make an argument against murdering sentient life. I, however, would not be one to make it.

Happily, you are in the small minority in this world. Hopefully you either change your mind or at least don't act on these kinds of beliefs, or else we will have to pay for you to be imprisoned for the rest of your life after ruining someone else's.

Yes, it is quite sad, isn't it? Your entire argument rests on a single premise, which by no means is as certain as you make it out to be. I suppose I should expect no better from one whose philosophical knowledge is evidently lacking to the point where you mistake moral relativism with a lack of morals entirely...

Of course, Crono does not appear to grasp the concept either, so perhaps it is a American thing. I never could understand your culture. Like why you even care what happens to these kids - The goodness in your heart, or Christian indoctrination? The motivation; Now that's a moral dilemma!

Yes, my argument rests on the premise that human life has value.  You obviously do not accept this premise.

And what is it with anyone who has an opposing view automatically bringing up Christianity?  Why are you obsessed with other people's religious beliefs?  I oppose abortion because I view it as murder, plain and simple, and I value every human life.  Perhaps this follows just from being human in my case, who knows?  I think deep down we all know what is right and wrong regardless of religious beliefs, which obviously is a viewpoint diametrically opposed to a viewpoint I look upon with complete disdain, your moral relativism. 

In Memoriam RVW Jr.

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