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Carl2291 said:
sales2099 said:
TrevDaRev said:
sales2099 said:
Wacky mascot based karting games only has one king and we all know its Mario Kart.

Sure this game has potential to reach like 2 million lifetime sales...but thats nothing to be impressed about.

What? Since when is selling 2 million copies nothing to be impressed about?

Well Sony has been trying to get a Mario/Halo exclusive for some time. I doubt this one will do it, or in this case, have Mario Kart level sales. 

The quest continues. 

Ill assume youre talking 3D Mario, as you compared it with Halo. To counter this I throw a Gran Turismo in your direction .

That's right. Before they also had Crash Bandicoot.

Right next in rank to Gran Turismo (barring GT3 14.8mil, on average ~10mils) is Uncharted (on average 5 mils), which is a largely below Halo levels (barring Halo 3's 11.46, on average 8 mils).

Then again, in the context of this discussion, Mario and Halo cannot be put together, since the thread is about Kart games, and we know Mario Kart now sells in the 20s of millions. So putting Mario and Halo together is a tad misleading.

At the moment, Nintendo's biggest franchise is not "Mario" (i.e. 3D mario, the equiv. of Halo in Sales' post), but rather...


For Wii: Positions 1 to 7 all above 20 million


Mario Kart

NSMB (aka 2D mario)

Wii Series (Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit, ...)

Huge dropoff from 20mil to 10mil as of position 8.

For DS: Positions 1 to 6, all above 15 million




Mario Kart

Brain Age


Huge dropoff from 15mil to 11mil on jump from position 6 to 8. I skipped 7 since it's another Pokemon, which is also in position 5.


Anything prior to Wii/DS above 15 Mil was one of:

Pokemon, Tetris, Duck Hunt (Bundled) or 2D Mario (SMW, SMB3). Super Mario 64 sold 11 point some million.