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Another problem is gender selection most abortions outside of the U.S. are usually based on Gender. In the U.S. its more a form of birth control. But in India 90% of all abortions are against female babies so they must be developed enough to tell the sex!

Also partial birth abortions I would think most people abhor this practice unless your Hitler or Saddam.

But I would say that what makes a human all of our individual triats and characteristics are given to us from our parents.

Egg meet sperm. after conception all you need is food and time till 9 months later presto a baby! All the genetic code is there upon conception.

I personnally like Ted Turners analogy" if its human why dont people name thier miscarriages"! Shows you why Jane dumped him. A lack of personal concern for the many women and men who have suffered from this.
I believe we can argue until the sky falls and we will never change anyones mind. I have gotten a lot of pro choicers to agree that partial birth abortions is horrible and even people using abortion as a from of birth control is wrong. All great civilizations rise and fall on a moral compass this is ours! America has seen her best days! the lack of values will be her down fall!

PS Final Fan dont read this the large block text syndrome is hard to break and Iam not a writer! Hows the weather in Minnesota by the way!