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It took Bethesda a while but finally, Skyrim has been re-compiled with some optimization tools and its 1.4 Beta patch comes with incredible performance gains over its previous version. In fact, Skyrim 1.4 Beta runs even better than Alexander’s awesome performance boost tool, SkyBoost. Yeap, Bethesda has finally redeemed itself and Skyrim performs the way it was meant to. We are talking about 16fps increase in most cases and sometimes, we can even notice a 30fps jump. That’s huge and shows how unoptimized Skyrim was in the first place.

And we are not the only ones noticing this amazing performance increase. Guru3D’s members have been also experiencing similar results and member ‘UZ7′ has uploaded an interesting animated image that can be viewed bellow. This animated image compares the 1.3 version of Skyrim with the 1.4 Beta. As you can see, there is a 16fps increase at the same spot with the same settings.

Well done Bethesda and keep it up. Now if only the engine could take advantage of quad-cores…


Damn how did they not do this in the first place? I wonder how many other poor performing console ports are because of unoptomised compilers?

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