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spurgeonryan said:
zuvuyeay said:
spurgeonryan said:
I do not have in the line of fire on VHS, sadly, but I have it on bootleg from Afghanistan! I do have close to 1,000 Vhs tapes though, so it is not often when I find an old movie that I do not have.

wow tahts alot of vhs tapes,you must had some shelf space :)

clint is hilarious in " in the line of  fire" he plays the piano and the way he treats the ladies,its ace,i find it a really enjoyable thriller with a good malkovic baddie

Yeah Malkovic is a great bad guy! Too bad he has aged very quickly! Look at him about ten years ago in Con-Air, then look at him now in the movie Red. I was amazed he was an old man. Sill great, just a small shock to me.


Yeah I do have a lot of space in my garage. AT .50 cents a piece I cannot go wrong buying a VHS tape. You all will be happy to know that I buy CD's and not cassette tapes.

i saw red over xmas,got it as a blu-ray pressie,good brucie and a fun watch

a graphic novel story it seems,malkovic had done 30 yrs of acid,he was crazy and yes they are all old men,but class is class,dreyfuss was in it too,don't see him that often anymore

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