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spurgeonryan said:
TWRoO said:
Quantum of Solace was a direct sequel?

Ok now I'm not even sure I've seen it.
Wait, did Casino Royale end at the bit where Bond phones the cream suited guy then shoots him in the leg from afar?

Yes, and that was the best scene in that movie in my opinion. Then it basically starts out there in the next one. That is where I will leave you...

I think I have seen QoS then or at least the start... chase around Venice (I think 'twas Venice) then woman in red trapped underwater in a lift or something. Can't recall what happens much after that though.

EDIT: Hmm, just read the plot on Wikipedia, doesn't seem to match ... am I getting things in the wrong order? I definitely remember the Atacama desert bit and the police trying to frame Bond by putting Mathis in the car though.

EDIT2: OK figured it out... seems I was mixing up bits of Casino with QoS. What the hell am I gonna do tomorrow without Wiki :-/