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spurgeonryan said:
I was born in 1982, but still grew up on Sean Connery. Maybe it was because my Dad was a Connery fan, I do not know. For some reason I skipped all the Roger Moore stuff until I was older. Now it all just seems too cheesy. Maybe if I would have watched it back then it would have been better.

i agree,i saw connery too on the telly,but i was talkkiing about the cinema really and i admit he is very cheesy

that is also what i mean't to say after dalton the bond songs jsut went unto lunacy,why oh why mess with suc a beautiful concept,for me the new casino royale was almost a perfect reboot,even the titles were up to standard but why have that song,i'm not saying they are all bad but this is bond,you know if you aren't a classy singer you shouldn't be touching a bond film in my opinion

                                                                                                                                        Above & Beyond