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yes i like that 1951 casino royale as it is bonds first visual appearance,so must be acknowledged,its just more of a screen play we might say over here,it was just for tv anyway wasn't it,

roger moore was my bond growing up,the spy who loved me,moonraker,for your eyes only(some great songs there too,i love the carly simon bond song) would be my introduction to bond at teh cinema,when you used to wait until the end credits and it would say james bond will return in octopussy,good times

so it is differnet for everyone roger moore was cheesy but at least it worked with him and he is in some serioulsy good bond films,i'd say,i think it was a bit unfair on dalton,he tried a revamp from moores cheesy bond like craig got but no one was ready for it,i don't think any of them are bad and fair play if you make it as james bond,who are we to criticise that,haha.didn't dalton lose his licence to kill,its quite a good story,i think the other is a drug boss but i can't rightly remember if there is any film series that all blur into one its bond films,there are so many

now brosnan got all the media love for rebooting bond and to be fair 1990-96 is what i call my drug years,a blackout if you will,so he went under my radar as many films did in that period and i had to watch them later,so i missed his big kick off as bond,i look forward to getting to know the brosnan bond,i kind iof remember tomorrow never dies with prryce as the baddie and bits of goldeneye but thats about it and carlyle with the bullet going into his brain,a good touch for a villain but they sure aren't no man with the golden gun,hehe

                                                                                                                                        Above & Beyond