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well i just watched it and i do really enjoy old films in black and white,peter lorre as le chiffre is the best thing about casino royale,i think le chiffre is one of my fav bond villains really especially after seeing this tv movie aswell as the recent one.i haven't read the novels so i don't really know what bond is truly like although i am told he is hard,cold and ruthless and not like the joker we often see in the movies,he is not scottish is he,please don't tell me he is know as a white english straight man you can feel like everybody has you by the balls and you can't move for fear of losing them and i look to bond,he still does it for all of us which is why i was happy craig brought some umph back to bond,anyway enough about my identity issues and back to the tv movie

i like the card game storyline,not sure they really got bonds casting right but it was for american tv so what else are they going to do,don't think he really fitted the kind of evening that was going on,it was like film noir detective bond,he thought he was bogart didn't he but it was quite brutal,pliers on the toes in the nice marble bath,good old le chiffre and pleasing to see htey started as they mean to go on,no one killing james bond when they have the opportunity and a sexy sophisticated lady

i think it will be fun to watch them as you go,i might try and pick up some of them,i remember seeing Dr No going cheap second hand on bluray,of course i know them pretty well anyway,i think die another day is the only bond film i don't really know well and brosnan is my least favourite but maybe this will change my mind,i don't hate any of them to be truthful

Bond films really do have a place in film hisotry and started a few things for action cinema like the superb opening titles, theme songs and style ,not as popular with todays market but still going and will always have a film in him somewhere,

it reminds me to tell people about Night of the demon(curse of the demon in the us) a 1957 bw movie about an american expert who flies over to england to disprove an occult leader of his dark magic,it really is one of the best chiller movies i've watched,if you like that sort of genre,can't recommend it enough

i prefer bond villains to be imaginative and have ambitions/background and not just going after a drug dealer or arms dealer story like a few of the films do

                                                                                                                                        Above & Beyond