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Smeags said:
Michael-5 said:

I am really interested to see how RPG's in general stacked up. What JRPG games got more votes then XenoBlade in the end, how did Chrono Trigger, Mass Effect 2, and Lost Odyssey fair?

Also how did Mario Karts stack up in the end? Which is the most favored Mario Kart.

Also, how are you going to tally this? Do positions give different weights, or does the game making the list just give it a vote?

You'll see soon enough!

As for how I scored the games, each game got a point total equilvalent to how people placed them (#50: 50 points. #1: 1 point). Also, there's a point "penalty" if a game doesn't appear on someone else's list. For example, I put Epic Mickey at #27 (27 points under my name), but you didn't rank the game at all... so it got 75 points under your name (so 25 points more than a "last place" game). So basically, each and every game recieved 46 numerical values.

The game with the least amount of points won!

That's an interesting method, but what if someone didn't play a game and that's the only reason it's not on the list? I'm pretty sure Chrono Cross will make my list when I play it, but should it be penalized 50 points just because I wasn't a huge PS1 gamer? This puts niche games at a disadvantage.

Still, good game, can't really tally any better then this.

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