sales2099 said:
While the WiiU will cost somewhere around $150-$200, its the tablet controllers that will be the biggest cost of the system.

Nintendo going core gamer and forgetting the mass market? That doesnt bode well. N64 and Gamecube proved Nintendo fanboys arent numerous enough to keep Nintendo in good business.

Iwata at E3 2011: With the Wii-U we are trying to make a console that appeals to both core gamers and casual gamers. This console will try to stike a balance between the two.

Deaf people: LOL. Nintendo is going for core  gamers and abandoning the casual market!!!


Also, The U-pad's components aren't going to cost, like, a $100 or more like some of you people seem to believe.

It'll be much cheaper to manufacture. About $40 - $60. The console  components is going to cost more than $200 to make, not somewhere around $150 - $200.

Also, stop calling people fanboys for absolutely no reason.