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Michael-5 said:
spurgeonryan said:

Thank you to all of you who have been voting on this thread for months now! The 80's had a lot of classic movies, and it was hard work to get through them all. That was especially the case when I threw in 30-40 extra movies in the bonus round. But we got through them all and hopefully had a little fun with a little drama mixed in for good measure.

Until next time......

For the best 90's film thread, I recommend that you take the high box office sales movies and add the bonus round films immediatly. Do a bonus round at the same time you start the new thread and add the films before anything gets deleted.

Also stick with a +3/-5 system (so plus votes carry weight) and start at 16 or 17 HP so it takes 4 -'ve votes to kill something immediatly, and at least 2 to increase that.

Finally, play my elimination games :P

I agree with the +3/-5 system, and to include the bonus round films immediately, or at least as soon as possible. I'd make HP start at 20, though, with a -5 killing vote it shouldn't take too much anyway to eliminate most movies and arrive to the hot final phases quicker.

I joined this thread late, but I guess the 90's thread won't be able to grip me as much.

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