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I lost my initial save and started over about a week ago.

18 hours in, level 37 with the best Dark Brotherhood armor and an enchanted ring and amulet for archery bonus, Blade of Woe with 40ish damage (x30), Daedric Bow with around 170 base damage (my archery skill is only around 60 for now). I have everything I need for full Daedric set of armor but I'm waiting to get mu enchanting and alchemy skills up some more first as well as sneak to counteract the added weight of the armor.

100 pickpocket, 100 smithing, 60ish enchanting, 60ish alchemy, 60ish archery, 60ish sneak, still don't have a lot of armor class due to low skills (40 light armor) but the sneak build doesn't really need it. 150 mana, 150 health, 380 stamina. I still have significantly less money than last time when I had a chest filled with 150.000 gold + worth in loot and gear, three homes and 100.000 gold in cash...