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Metallicube said:

The more I read these pro-life arguements, the more I realize that way too many people let their emotions and perspective of what is "morally right" cloud their judgment of logic and reason.

That's funny because I feel the same way many times about arguments made by pro-abortion-legal folks.  It is not logical to arbitrarily define humanity based on birth or time in the womb, as most of you do.  Strangely, a lot of you will tell us that a baby past his or her due date that could easily be delivered by C-section is not human yet since a thin layer or skin and fluid separates it from the outside world.  Or that a non-human fetus magically becomes a human baby after 180 days in the womb, or 120 days the womb.  Or that a non-human fetus magically becomes human because it develops a certain organ or feature, despite the fact that newborns - obviously people - still are developing many of their internal systems and bone structure.  All of these arguments must be based on some degree of emotion, since they are not reasonably concluded from all the medical knowledge available to us.

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