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Final-Fan said:
elprincipe said:
Final-Fan said:
Kasz216 said:

How can you justify abortions when the mother's life is in danger? And people under the age of consent?

How is killing someone else for those reasons any more right then killing people for other reasons? If you legally define a fetus as a person, you can't at all have abortions. For ANY reason. Including situations where there is literally no chance of either patient surviving.

It would go against the Hippocratic Oath. No doctor would perform a "legal" abortion.

Also, anyone who voted for such a law would be a hypocrite of the highest order. Giving fetuses conditional humanity is worse then none at all. It's something I can't understand in people who see fetuses as kids. It's the real inhumanity in this debate.

Well they wouldn't be hypocrites if they believed in speeding up people's deaths to save people on trasnplant lists and the like. But like I said. Inhuman.

(slight spelling corrections and the like have been performed by me on the above)

Epic win. Pro-lifers who make exceptions for rape and so on are hypocrites.

Every pro-lifer needs to be able to fully address this post.

As for me, pro-choice. Up to some point more than halfway through the pregnancy the life is not a person but rather a potential person, and in many cases the likely outcome of that potential is not good or even ruinous to the person, the mother/family, or both.

1. I've already addressed the points above. But they are important questions that people should think about. Why do some support allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest, as if that makes a child less a child? I don't see the logic in it.

2. How do you decide that a fetus is human randomly at the halfway point in a pregnancy? That is a ridiculous statement. Not only have children been born before that point and survived, but what makes a fetus non-human one day and human the next? How do you even know what is halfway through a pregnancy since they aren't the same length?

This kind of thinking is what most mystifies me about those who are pro-abortion (or at least pro-keeping-abortion-legal). It can lead easily to the conclusion that you are merely rationalizing the issue for convenience's sake, since it is completely illogical. Also, please explain to me how a fetus with its own genetic code, growing on its own, with its own body, beating heart and brain wave activity is not human but merely a "potential" person.

Normal human gestation period: 37-42 weeks
Earliest living premature birth: 21 weeks 6 days
So, you are wrong.

More importantly, viability is not equal to self-awareness.

It's a potential person similarly to how an appleseed is a potential apple tree: given time, it will grow into one, but that doesn't mean it is one RIGHT NOW.

fkusumot has been talking about cognition in some detail and I think you would do well to take another look at those posts. You say, "living tissue that has human DNA = human person" and we disagree. Calling all legal-abortion supporters illogical is ... illogical.

Accepted that I was six days off; close enough, however.  Realize also that as science advances we are able to keep babies alive at earlier and earlier points after premature birth or emergency C-section.  So soon we will have babies being able to survive at 20 weeks, then 19, and so on.  Why are babies in the womb at those points in development not human now if you can accept they are human later?

And what is self-awareness?  Are you saying that babies that have been born prematurely are not self-aware?  That is a strange argument.

Lastly, your apple seed example is not a good one at all.  It would be more apt if you said you wouldn't classify an apple tree seedling as the same species as an apple tree.

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