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Stillwell said:
elprincipe said:
Stillwell said:
"pro-life" people should mind their own goddamn business. Incredible what some people think they can mingle in.

Next time someone wants to murder you will you feel the same way? Shall the police mind their own business when someone tries to kill you?

Wow, because that just the same! Great comparrison you got there! It's intelligence at this level most "pro-life" people have, and it's scary. Like I said before, if you don't believe in abortion, don't do it, but if someone else wants to abort, you just stay the fuck out of their private matters. Unbelievable.

It's exactly the same and a perfectly valid comparison.  Surely you can accept the logic that if you hold the view that a fetus is a human being, killing said fetus is murder.  It doesn't take much intelligence to understand that it therefore follows that the government should outlaw this kind of murder as it does all other kinds.  You seem not to get the view that when you have one person trying to kill another it is most certainly the government's responsibility to prevent the killing from  happening.  You also seem to think that we should "stay the fuck out of private matters" that aren't private at all since they involve two people in a life or death situation.

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