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IllegalPaladin said:
azrm2k said:
cool48 said:
Hyperion said:
Video Games aren't scary.

OMG are you kidding!

Any scary video game I've ever played was at least 3x scarier that the scariest movie I ever saw.

I remember Doom 3 freaked me out the first time I played it. Lights off, surround headphones on, very freaky at the beginning of the game.

Man, I hated Doom 3. I'm all about a good atmosphere in a game and the dark rooms do kind of freak me out, but when they base their entire game on flashing lights and pitch black rooms with guys at every corner, it became a frustrating experience. I haven't gotten very far in it for that reason and there is no way I'd ever play it without at least a flashlight mod.



 Well there are plenty of flashlight mods out where it looks like you duct tape a light onto all the guns so if you really want one you can grab those.   But I kinda liked the dark.  I remember one time specifically I walked into a dark hallway and as I switch to flashlight something walks around the corner which freaked me out for a sec.