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Mirson said:
Aldro said:
Dgc1808 said:
Aldro said:

Well you could move around with the Mark 2 on those briefings xD

What I was refering to is that whenever something awesome happend, the cutscene blended and made you play it afterwards like eg. bike scene, rex, rex vs ray, microwave, ocelot vs snake, ontop of derbins ride and so on. MGS3 only had the shagohod battle and Volgin was such a bad villain in my opinion.

I wouldn't call those "playing the cutscenes" at all. Only one that would possibly count was the bike scene against the Ravens, which was pretty much the Shagohod all over again. Nothing really new. What you pointed out were just fights or bosses that happened after they were introduced by long cutscenes that you were able to do nothing through.

The only instances where cutscenes were playable was the mission briefings. Even then you  don't really control the characters. The game simply gave you something to do (like finding another battery, and looking at different angles of the area from a little robot) while the actual cutscene took place (and forever, at that) and you had no way to influence it what so ever.

What I meant was more: You watch Snake on a bike. You play Snake on a bike. You watch Snake control rex, you get to control rex. Snake jumps on Drebins vehicle, you get to be ontop of it. Snake and ocelot fight -- you get to fight. Snake enters a microwave chamber, you steer him. Snake holds off the gekkos while Raiden and Vamp fight in a splitscreen similar cutscene. There were so many epic shit like the ones mentioned above and all of that was lacking in MGS3. I expected to be wow'd in the wrong way basically.

So in other words, you watch a long-winded cutscene and play the game right where the cutscene left off. I wouldn't exactly call that blending in or playing the cutscene; hell, every other game does this. The only games, apart from RPGs, that I would consider the player playing the 'scenes' are Uncharted 2 & 3 since it seemlessly transcends from gameplay to cutscene (and vice versa) at various times. Take the bar fight in U3 for example. You throw a couple of punches, then a short scene occurs, and then you're playing it again without even noticing. I admit; I didn't know for a few times if it was a cutscene or actual gameplay. That's one of the few things I liked about U3.

The only scene in MGS4 that I would consider the player "playing the cutscene" is the microwave scene. The mission briefings, to me, felt more like having a different camera angle, and you couldn't always control Mark in the mission briefings.

Oh yeah, no doubt that Uncharted 3 does blend it insanely good and that is one of the things I love about it. There were quite many moments in MGS3 where I wanted the game to let me play the game right after the cutscene but it never gave me that. MGS4 didn't "blend" the cutscenes in an Uncharted way, but it did allow you to play what you were seeing by throwing in some variety in terms of gameplay. MGS3 did not do this and thats what I am getting at. The only one in MGS3 was Shagohod and I already expressed at how bad I found that part to be.