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Oh and also,
Going into this game, my expectations as a GAME when speaking mechanics and how fun it is (because I did know the story a tad like I said) were skyrocket high.

I had heard SOO much about Snake eater. I was like YEAH, Big Boss! Gonna be some insane showdown with The Boss, and my god, encountering Ocelot (Which was such a fag.. XD) would be insane! (I did like how Eva throws you the gun towards the end and you quickly fire over and over).

I was expecting some insane CQC action, perhaps even flashbacks to how The Boss and Big Boss became to be. Instead we were told about their relation in a similar way to Obi-wan and Anakin in Episode 2 & 3 which made their relation ultimately feel shallow. Yes it wasnt to THAT point and I could actually feel the characters. But if I may overexagarate, that's what I kinda' felt.


I guess I was expecting the game to blow me the fuck away and be the best game ever. Instead I was underwhelmed and feel like it was my least favourite MGS because the story was so important that I somehow had to grasp it in order to live with myself XD. This is probably the first time that Hype has hit me so hard.