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TT Makaveli said:

to allt he MGS question...does it make sense to you what he is talking about? cause i dont fukkin understand one thing about makes no goddamn sense to me...really not even a little bit...if he would say he didnt feel the 1st then okay he is a young guy that only like games with new graphics/gameplay and stuff...if he had said 2 i would say "yeah of course...2 is the weakest in the series by far"...if he would have said 4 i would also understand it (also for me 4 is just a liiiiiitle bit after the 3rd & 1st quality-wise) but he said 3...fukkin Snake Eater! i dont get it really...i know some guys here and also i cried at the end of the 3rd one cause its so goddamn emotional...the story is for MGS fans just like the story of jesus for the christians i mean you see how Big Boss is becoming Big Boss and that in the greatest way  somebody could tell it...sry this is really disgusting to me...i would rather eat some dog shit than listening to somebody telling that the 3rd one is the weakest in the series and he didnt feel disrespect to Aldro...i like you man but sry i have to say this...FUKK YOU...i got to stop it now cause you know tomorrow is christmas and i didnt thought i would read the biggest bullshit in history of shitting bulls the night before it...

Not gonna report you or anything bruv, but mate: Do you think I am sitting giggling and feeling awesome about this? I fucking love MGS, I really do.
I knew what was going to happen because I had read a little bit about it. Little did I know that I had gotten to know the entire core story of the game; so my only impression to remain was the gameplay. I felt MGS3 had the worst gameplay of the games, playing it now, today, in 2011.

I can completely understand you guys loving the story. It was amazing how it tied up towards the end with The Boss making an ultimate sacrifice for her country, knowing nobody would know about it.. aside from Big Baouzz.

But the rest of the game, coming from the future after MGS4 : How I was blown away by every little =

Whoa cool, running around fighting zombie-like dudes in Act 2 on Drebins "car".
Omg can I play this? Omg I am actually riding on Evas bike and this is intense!!
Whoa splitscreen! Get him Raiden! Imma keep these geekos away!
Omg I AM CONTROLLING REX? Jizz in my pants.
Omg epic fight Ocelot and Snake.. .. ..Wow this is very long.. omg ultimate showdown.. Whoa my turn to play? Jesus christ!

MGS1 and MGS2 has a different type of gameplay. They are similar as MGS3 and MGS4 is.

Unfortunately MGS4 really progressed as the difference was a whole gen, god I don't know.. MGS2 was PS2 while MGS1 was.. PS1.

Basically, I am judging the gameplay and the story-telling and based upon that, when comparing to MGS4. MGS3 is more like a movie. That's not a bad thing, I love Kojima and his way of telling the story. Unfortunately I knew the story thus I wanted an experience I would not forget. But unfortunately, 6-7 years later: This game won't leave me with the impression of any other MGS. That's what my biggest gripe is. The End and The Sorrow were awesome, that ladder that went on forever was epic XD seriously I loved that little thing!


But fighting The Boss wasn't nearly as I expected. Shagohod was underwhelming and the gunning was awkward (how you had to move between 4 directions..), how you fought Ocelot on the ship, only to take distance and give me a feel of MGS4 saying: OH YEAH IM PLAYING ARENT I?.. but no. They just gave another cutscene. I was dissapointed on the terms of blending gameplay with cinematics.


Surely you can understand this? Imagine someone who's read all about the story, then plays a game: Ofcourse he will miss out on the amazing experience due to him knowing how it all plays out. I didn't think I knew as much as MGS3 told, but clearly I did. The gameplay didn't stand out to me though and thats where MGS2 and MGS1 delivered. The fight on Rex against Liquid or the sword fight against Solidus in MGS2...


I love MGS but I ruined MGS3 for me and I just had to share this. Take the story away from that game and play it god damnly 6-7 years later, while it has few amazing points: it did not stand out to me PERSONALLY.


You have to remember this is a forum and I am sharing my subjective view on this matter, aswell as asking you guys what made the game so great. Chill out!