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What's the shocker going to be? In Batman Begins, the surprise was that Liam Neeson was actually Ras Al Ghul. In The Dark Knight, it turned out to be Two Face.

What's the shocker going to be in this one?

In the world of comics, Bane is "The Man Who Broke The Batman." More than just a powerful physical specimen, Bane figured out who Batman was, how he operates, and how to destroy his mind. He broke every inmate out of Arkham Asylum. He took control of Gotham's underworld--even had Catwoman working for him. He entered Batman's home and beat down Alfred before giving Batman a 22 page beating of a lifetime. He broke Batman's back (probably not gonna happen in the movie). He became Ras Al Ghul's chosen one.

With these credentials alone, Bane has the makings of a great Bat-Movie villain. We haven't seen Batman in a full on battle against a worthy opponent in any of the previous movies. He's gone against Ra's, Scarecrow, and Joker in a battle of wits but his physical ability has yet to be put to the test. Bane will bring that challenge as well as the cerebral. Bane is the "anti-Batman".

But what will the shocker be? I suspect that Ra's Al Ghul survived the first movie and is behind Bane. He'll likely be the source of Bane's Venom (if Bane uses Venom in this movie), Bane's henchman, and Bane's knowledge. I wouldn't be surprised if Catwoman turns out to be on of Ra's Al Ghul's assassins from the League of Shadows.

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