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pezus said:
Reasonable said:
pezus said:
Reasonable said:
pezus said:
Updated op with the official trailer!

Just when I was getting used to watching Kelly...

Looks pretty good I think.  Not sure why people say Bane is hard to hear it seems clear enough to me.  Glad they're not showing too much too early.

Speaking of which I can't believe there's a teaser for the release of the trailer for Prometheus.  Mind you - visually the stuff in the tiny clip looks spectacular.


Where can you find said clip?

Nice, did I possibly spot a bit of Iceland in that clip? Looking forward to the trailer

Edit: This is what Scott said: "It will be 15 minutes in total, if all goes to plan. We are shooting the beginning of time.”

Quite possible, you probably already know this, but the "prison & training" chunk of Batman Begins was filmed in Iceland.

Despite it being a very difficult region for them to film in, it did give them some stunning results, so they might have decided it was a good idea to go back there to film some stuff.

RCTjunkie said:

Midnight premire IMAX tickets: the top of my 18th birthday list. :D

It's my birthday today, you'll be so kind to use your time machine to go forth in time, and get me some tickets I hope?