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spurgeonryan said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:
Rumour has that having failed to realise that the most fitting role for Elijah Wood in LoTR would have been Sauron's eye, Peter Jackson will remedy forging a new character for him in The Hobbit, called Bulbous Baggins.

I wanna know the source of that rumor! :P


Does anyone actually know how tall Elijah woods is? I mean I am not that tall at all, but he really does look small. I think the best example of this is when he played the crazy person or crazier person in Sin City.

In Italy and France we receive privileged first hand infos: Berlusconi and Sarkozy are hobbits. BTW I can give you another fresh news: Peter Jackson is a troll. Not big news, I know, it was already evident!   

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