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NotStan said:
Seece said:
NotStan said:
The VGC 360 numbers look a bit too high imo, still within margin of error but I am finding it a bit hard to believe that 360 did 720k in 3 weeks outside BF? Ah.. MW3 bundles, now it's not too impossible, but still slightly high.

Significant difference between VGC and pachter DS numbers.. But according to his data DS sold almost on par with 3DS despite there being a slight price difference in the US and the DS being discontinued - 3DS having BC on top.

Interesting month.

720k is less than it did in the first 3 weeks of last November

Yes but.. Kinect launch wasn't it? Not sure if it launched in Nov last year, I have memory of a goldfish. No pricecut still, no kinect launch boost, unless there were bundles I would have thought that sales would be significantly less.

Indeed Kinect launched, which is argument against it doing as well, the argument for though is that October was up YoY quite a bit, COD had bundles this year, and Black Friday was up massively.