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sethnintendo said:

While there are a few songs that are decent made the past decade, I have yet to be impressed by any new band, old band, or song since about the 90s.  Perhaps, I am just getting too old but I feel that music has gone way down hill since the 90s.  Most rap/hip hop sucks when compared to 80s/90s.  Almost all rock completely sucks now a days compared to the previous decades.  I can enjoy a ton of songs from the 50s,60s,70s,80s (I suppose when in comparison to 2000+), and 90s.   I think the entire auto-tune bullshit has ruined a lot of music.  You used to have to be able sing now you just need a hot body and a semi decent voice.  They will be able to fix everything up in the studio.  Singers from the previous decades actually had to be able to sing.  I suppose I am just getting old but I'd have to say most recent music sucks "hardcore".  Please list some suggestions to help me change my mind.

PS.. The Righteous Brothers can out sing anyone.

I Feel your pain, dude.  I don't know if this is just me getting old or something, but I can't put on the radio without being bombarded with waves and waves of garbage anymore.I have to put it on an 80's, 70's, or 60's station.  I'm 25 years old, mostly raised on late 80's stuff and stuff from the 90's...and yet I 'discovered' bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix (etc), and that's infinitely better than the shit we get now.  

Old pop was decent. Modern pop is garbage.  I shouldn't have to investigate the indie scene or more obscure stuff like Progressive Metal (Dream theater) to find something that doesn't suck.  

Lady GaGa, Lil Wayne, Chingy, 50 Cent...who else is popular right now?  

I like a couple Katy Perry songs, and I think one by LMFAO (party rock anthem).  I'd  rather be stuck in a room with Slipknot on repeat than suffer through a w hole lady GaGa album.  in fact, Slipknot would be awesome.  Say what you will about MEtalcore, their drummer is a beast. well, "they are beasts"

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